I turned to an actual professional person when I found myself ready to meet the one and it worked. We are getting married this fall. I owe April so much for finding me my best friend, love of my life and partner! The very first date she set me up on too.
— Alison P
Luxe Matchmaking is a first class dating service. I have used other dating services and matchmaking services as well as utilizing online dating websites without success. My fiancé and I are extremely happy and planning our wedding for next year.
— Aaron S.
I just really, really, really wanted to thank you for getting us hooked up. This girl is just unbelievable for me.
I’m going to tell you again, I’m speechless that this has happened.
— Steve D.
My matchmaking experience has exceeded my expectations! I am very pleased to be working with April and her staff. I cannot imagine dating in any other context.
— Kent S.
Hello April!
I wanted to reach out and say hello! Been meaning too but time has been crazy on my end. Thank you for introducing me to the most amazing man. He truly is my soulmate. His heart is bigger than anyone’s I have ever known. He is kind, beautiful, smart, healthy, funny, quirky, a fashionista, loves my family and truly makes me feel like a queen. Each day I wake up I feel so humble and so very lucky.
I just wanted to say thank you! You are always welcome to say hello and check in! We will keep you posted as this year will be amazing!
Sending many blessings for happiness and peace to you and your family!
— A.H.

Examples/Case Studies from the Matchmakers

I once helped an 82 yr old man find a companion. His case was very unique, because I couldn’t just find a person through the normal methods of looking through my database of people who submit online. He wanted someone who also lived downtown and could easily visit with him. I ended up getting specially printed marketing material (larger font) and dropping it off at the apartment buildings who cater to an older population. It wasn’t long before my phone rang and I was able to set him up on a date with the woman who he has been seeing since Oct 2012.
Every client is unique and looking for unique features in their match. I had one client who was very particular about the lady he would be matched with. He is a great guy and really had a lot to offer so I knew it would be extremely difficult to find him a match. I told him I didn’t have anyone in my database that I could match him with and therefore, I could not take him on as a client. He appreciated my honesty and we set up a different kind of contract, which made it so if I found him someone who he went on a 2nd date with, then he would pay me. This way he was getting a guarantee that I’d find him someone up to his standards and I wasn’t up against a time commitment to find him that person. It worked out great for both of us – He got the girl and I had another successful match completed!

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