Below we have listed some of our most Eligible Bachelors and Bachlorettes. If you're interested in being a match to one of these clients, Submit your Free Profile Here.

Bachelor No. 1

47-year-old Entrepreneur

This bachelor is a successful, self-employed owner/operator of several Twin Cities’ businesses. An outdoorsman, he knows how to appreciate the Minnesota summers through a range of activities from biking to boating. In the winter, he can be found hitting the ski slopes or kicking back watching a football game. He is adventurous, always open to new experiences and loves to travel.

He is looking for a kind and generous woman who shares his interests and is ready for love. A fitness friendly woman with an adventurous spirit would complement this gentleman’s charming nature.


Bachelor No. 2

51-year-old IT Executive

This bachelor is a great lover of the outdoors and will find any reason to spend time outside, but his favorite activities are golfing, boating and hanging out at the lakes. He also loves to travel and is always up for a spur-of-the-moment adventure. A romantic at heart, he is a chivalrous gentleman who desires respect and commitment in a relationship.

This eligible bachelor is searching for a woman with similar core values, including faith, commitment and physical health. He is also partial to those who are quick with a smile and can find equal pleasure in spontaneous travel getaways or quiet nights in with dinner and a movie.


Bachelor No. 3

51-year-old Technology Entrepreneur

In his free time, this eligible bachelor and father to three beautiful daughters can be found participating in a variety of activities from golf and tennis to fishing and skiing. He appreciates an afternoon bike ride as much as an evening out dining and taking in a show. A traveled gentleman, he has lived as near as Iowa and Chicago to such far-off places as Brussels. He also has a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and enjoys spending time there.

He is looking for someone with a sparkling personality and a zest for life who appreciates family. A confident and open-hearted woman who is up for anything would be a great match to this fine bachelor.

Bachelorette No. 1

29-year-old Finance Manager

This bachelorette is an independent and traveled woman seeking a partner in friendship and romance. In her leisure time, she enjoys good conversation with friends over a great cup of coffee. She stays fit through tennis, hiking and jogging; and loves to watch football. This bachelorette has traveled extensively and has lived and worked in both New York City and France.

She is looking for a best friend who will value a relationship as much for the friendship as the romance. A fellow traveler and companion in fun and adventure would be a great match for this most eligible lady.


Bachelorette No. 2

52-year-old Doctor

An avid bicyclist, this dynamic bachelorette enjoys 15-25-mile rides as often as 3-4 times per week, weather permitting. An outdoor lover, she also takes pleasure in hiking, snowmobiling and snow-shoeing, and taking day trips (especially if she’s riding along on the back of a motorcycle). When she’s not on the go, she can be found relaxing with friends and family or settling down with a great book. She has recently taken up swing dancing and would love to find a partner with whom she can take classes. Never one to forget the needs of others, this charming bachelorette also makes the time to regularly volunteer at local food shelves and resource centers.

She is looking for a partner who knows the value of honest and respectful communication in a relationship. In addition, she is seeking someone who is intelligent and affirmative in his interactions with life. A spiritual, financially stable man will round out this Renaissance man that our bachelorette surely deserves.


Bachelorette No. 3

49-year-old Software Product Management Executive

The summers are “made for golf” according to this bachelorette, so a partner on the course would be a nice catch. She also enjoys other warm weather activities, such as boating, jogging and hiking. Additionally, this lovely lady enjoys playing the hostess for friends and family at get-togethers and dinners. She enjoys cooking and most prefer her kitchen to a restaurant’s. She is also a runner and competed in a half marathon in California last October.

Intelligence, communication, and active acceptance are important to this bachelorette with regards to finding a long-term partner. A stable and independent man looking for companionship will be the one to win this accomplished woman’s affections.